About the Referral Program

The ViaTalk Referral Program is all about you.

Your Phone Service.
Your Friends.
Your Family.
Your Points.
Your Rewards.

The point of the program is simple: choice. You choose to refer someone to ViaTalk and we give you the choice of reward for that recommendation. It's a personal thank you from us for telling your friends and family about your phone service. You can choose a free month of phone service for yourself. You can choose a free VoIP adapter. You can choose a ViaTalk brand Hoodie. You can choose a ViaTalk brand iPod. You can even tell us what you want to see for Referral Rewards in the future. We’ll look into whether we can provide it as a reward.

Just make sure they use your referral ID when they sign up, it is that simple. You can do this in two ways, give your ID to your friends and have them enter it manually or send an email to them through the ViaTalk Referral Program page. They click the link and it automatically fills in your referral ID on the sign-up page. You get VT Points for that sign up once it is validated. Once you get the points, start spending them!

The ViaTalk Referral Program is a thank you for helping us.