Referral Program Terms of Service

These terms and conditions apply to the ViaTalk Referral Program and govern the relationship between you as a referrer ("you", "referrer") and ViaTalk, LLC ("we", "us", "provider"). This agreement shall precede any prior agreements entered into under any ViaTalk Referral Program. By entering into the act of referring customers to ViaTalk and using the Referral ID provided by us, you agree to the stipulations of this agreement in its entirety.

Subject to the conditions explicated below, a ViaTalk customer who uses this program and refers a customer to ViaTalk will be compensated for their efforts in a manner of their choosing within the bounds of the referral rewards offered at the current time and provided it is covered underneath the auspices of this agreement.

Service Use

Each ViaTalk customer will be provided a unique Referral ID. You agree not to use this Referral ID in a fraudulent manner. You agree that use of this Referral ID is subject to audit and review and disciplinary measures within the bounds of the agreement if you are found to be using the Referral ID for purposes outside the accepted use.

ViaTalk will track all orders and activation status and shall determine the issuance of VT Points based on this tracking.


Referral – A referral under this agreement shall be a valid customer who signs up for ViaTalk Phone Service through the online submission form on and uses the Referral ID that has been provided to you under the Service Use Clause during the sign-up process.

VT Points – VT Points shall be the redeemable points that customers receive for valid referrals. VT points have no monetary and are only valid for redemption through the VT referral program.

Referrer – A Referrer shall be a valid Customer in Good standing who holds an active account with ViaTalk, and a valid Referral ID Tag.

Point Values

VT points will be given to Referrers by ViaTalk for referrals and Referrers can choose how they would like to redeem VT Points for Prizes. Point Values that correspond to certain actions and prizes are subject to change at any time with no prior notice. Point value changes will not be retroactive to past point disbursements and redemptions. Date of Sale for the referred party will determine the amount of points awarded for the referral in the event of a change in points awarded. Date of redemption acceptance will be the date of record for redemption and the amount of points posted for redemption on that date will be the determination of points required for the reward.


VT Points will be awarded to the Referrer by ViaTalk 45 days after the sale is validated in accordance with the point values outlined on the website dedicated to the ViaTalk Referral Program. Point Values are differentiated based upon the plan chosen by the referred party and are subject to change without notice. Changes in point values will not be retroactive to past point disbursement.


VT Points can be redeemed for VT Rewards based on the current offering of prizes. There are two (2) categories of prizes available for redemption.

1) Discount of Monthly Payments on Current Phone Service Plan
VT Points can always be redeemed for discounts on the current phone service that the Referrer is enrolled in. The discounts are available in the form of free months that are added to the package at the next renewal date. These rewards must be redeemed manually. Service extensions are applied automatically.

2) Non-phone service related Prizes
VT Points can also be redeemed for miscellaneous items offered through the VT Referral Program website. Any products offered may be obtained through the redemption of the stated number of VT Points for as long as it is shown on the website. These rewards must be redeemed manually and there will be a processing period as well as applicable shipping time before receipt of the item.


  1. Referrals under this agreement must be made using the Order Form and be validated as a paid sale.
  2. VT Points are non-transferable and can only be redeemed from the VT account that they were applied to via the unique Referral ID.
  3. Referral Credit will not be given for a current customer that relocates and opens a new account in the new location.
  4. Referral Credit will not be given for a person that has been a ViaTalk customer within 120 days before the date of the referral.
  5. A Referrer will not receive referral credit if the referred party is the Referrer. There will be no credit if the Referrer refers themselves.
  6. There is no limit to the amount of referrals a single Referrer can make in a given time period.
  7. There is a maximum value of 2500 VT Points that any Referrer can accumulate. Once this limit is reached, the Referrer cannot accumulate any more VT Points regardless of subsequent referrals while their account has 2500 VT Points in it. The Referrer must redeem their VT Points before they can continue to accumulate any additional VT Points.
  8. If the Referrer closes his/her account with ViaTalk, unused VT Points associated with that account will be forfeit.
  9. VT Points shall not be awarded to employees or affiliates of ViaTalk and anyone in the immediate family thereof.
  10. The ViaTalk Referral Program may be discontinued by ViaTalk at any time without prior notice. Termination will take the form of discontinuing the further issuance of VT Points and a remedy for outstanding VT Points that have not been used.